Practical Information


1. Imaging and Visualization in Life Science
2. Novel Functional Materials and Nanotechnology
3. Inclusive Education; Gender & Ethnicity
4. Sustainable Development: Energy, Environment and Biodiversity
5. Machine Intelligence and Autonomy

6. Internationalization and Collaboration in Higher Education (for management representatives)

The seminar takes place 16-18 May, 2016 at CAPES in Brasilia.

In the evening of Monday 16th all delegates, Swedish and Brazilian, are cordially invited to a Reception at the residence of the Swedish Ambassador to Brazil, Mr Per-Arne Hjelmborn.

The academic parallel sessions take place Tuesday and Wednesday.

Thursday 19th and Friday 20th there are additional workshops and seminars in Belo Horizonte, Rio de Janeiro, Campinas, Belém and São Paulo (by invitation only).

We are pleased to announce that Brazil-Sweden Excellence Seminar is hosted by CAPES, MCTI and CNPq.

The following organizations will also participate the seminar: Brazilian Academy of Sciences, CISB, SENAI, MCTI, MEC, Ministry of Education, Swedish Embassy in Brazil, VINNOVA, Energimyndigheten, CAPES, CNPq, VR, STINT, FORMAS, SSF and more.

To enquire about registration for the Brazil-Sweden Excellence Seminar, please contact The deadline for registering is April 30 2016.

Please note that the number of participants is limited. Unfortunately, due to limitations of space, there is no possibility to attend the seminar as an audience member.

For more information about the seminar, please contact Gustaf Cars or Helena Balogh.