Welcome to MIRAI

MIRAI – Connecting Swedish and Japanese universities through research, education and innovation, with focus on large-scale research facilities, is a three-year project funded jointly by STINT, seven Swedish and eight Japanese universities. The project is a continuation of the initiatives launched at the University Presidents’ Summit in Tokyo October 2015, to strengthen academic collaboration between Sweden and Japan.

MIRAI is specifically directed at researchers at an early stage of their career, to lead future joint activities between universities in the two countries. The topic and focus of the project are within the broader context of Ageing, Materials Science and Sustainability. Both Sweden and Japan have a long tradition of innovation and are heavily investing in large-scale facilities to be at the forefront of science and research (e.g. MAX IV, ESS, SciLifeLab, J-PARC, NIMS, AIST, KEK, Spring-8).

– Active and Healthy Ageing in Japan and Sweden – Individual, Group, and Population Perspectives
• Descriptive theme: Demography and Determinants of Health
• Action theme: New Technologies for Aged Society
• Action theme: Health Promotion for Aged Society (including: Biological and medical sciences of ageing; Social innovations and future policies for aged society)

Materials Science
– Materials for energy devices
– Low dimensional materials and surfaces
– Advanced characterisation of materials
– Bioinspired materials

– New energy techniques
– Water resources
Carbon-neutral technology, including non-fossil based energy generation such as hydrogen production, artificial photosynthesis, and photo-voltaic system, carbon capture
• Sustainable Automotive Control Technology
• Global environment and energy technologies: Energy Devices, including fuel cells, solar cells and secondary, batteries, and Hydrogen Technologies

The MIRAI project will provide a plattform for particularly junior researchers to contribute to expanding and strengthening academic collaborations between Sweden and Japan.