Swedish Academic Collaboration Forum

The Swedish Academic Collaboration Forum project will facilitate international academic collaborations and enable researchers and research students to become more connected with the global research community. Six leading Swedish universities will hold research and higher education seminars in a selected group of countries. The final seminar will be held in Stockholm, Sweden in February 2017. Stockholm seminar program can be found here.

The first seminar was held in Korea in April 2015, the second seminar took place in Singapore in early November 2015 and the third in China, Shanghai in late November 2015. In March 2016 the fourth seminar was implemented in Indonesia and the fifth seminar in Brazil in May 2016 .

The project aims to develop and strengthen existing research collaborations, establish new relationships and initiatives between researchers in Sweden and around the world, create opportunities for joint exploration of critical global issues, and connect enterprises and research through innovation.

  • Photo: Firefly Photography